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Thursday April 26, 2018

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Harbor View Apartments,

Formerly known as Cabot Apartments, is a three and one-half story masonry building of regular shape, measuring 140 feet by 50 feet and containing a total gross area of 28, 000 square feet.

The ground floor consists of one one-bedroom apartment, five bachelor units, three storage rooms, one party room, laundry room, garbage and storage area, as well as an electrical room.
The second, third and fourth floors each consists of two off-bedroom units and sixteen bachelor units.
The bachelor units have a minimum of 322 square feet floor area to a maximum of 370 square feet. The off-bedroom units are 460 square feet and the one bedroom unit is 640 square feet.

There is also approximately 1900 square feet of commercial space located on the main level currently used as office space

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